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High Quality and Fresh Natural Foods, Supplements, and Care Products

We have a wide selection of natural products offered in our store. Essential oils, fresh hand-dipped chocolates, raw honey, farm fresh beef and chicken, dietary supplements, and vitamins can all be found on our store shelves.

If you have any questions about a certain product, please contact us and we will let you know how we can help.


Health is True Wealth

Founded in 1961, Natural Food Center has been a community staple for providing sustainable healthy options,Owner Jeane Hains purchased the Natural Food Center in early 2016 from the store's founder.

Jeane was drawn to the store after witnessing her close friends and family members experience significant relief from fibromyalgia and cysts. Jeane runs her own naturopath about 2 hours north of Coffeyville to further help people experience the same relief she and many others have been lucky to achieve.

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